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5 Must Dos If you are Injured at Work

TOP 5 Things to do when an accident at work has occurred.

1. You MUST report the accident to your boss or supervisor. Under the law, you have 30 days to report an accident at work. I would recommend reporting the accident immediately to eliminate any doubt that it occurred.

2. Get a copy of the accident report which is usually called a Notice of Injury.

3. If the Employer does not fill out an accident report, immediately send an email, fax, text, or mail a letter to your employer advising them about the accident. Keep a copy for your records.

4. Ask your boss or supervisor for medical treatment. If you are not sent to a doctor, then go to a hospital, doctor, chiropractor, or clinic to document your injuries. Any treatment you receive from a doctor or chiropractor prior to the Employer/Carrier authorizing medical treatment will be the responsibility of the Employer/Carrier regardless of how you got there.

5. Make sure you report ANY and ALL body parts that are injured to your employer and to the doctor.

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