Can I get Social Security Disability if I am only Partially Disabled? 0 Comments

Our firm sometimes gets calls relating to Partial Disability Claims. Sometimes a Claimant may feel they are eligible for this because they are no longer able to perform a previous job or are now working at a much reduced rate of pay.

VA (Veterans Administration) and Workers Compensation claims have a doctor give a PIR (Permanent Impairment Rating) stating the percentage of disability the person may have. With Social Security you are either disabled or not disabled.

You are still able to work a part-time job while collecting benefits or while going through the Disability process as long as you do not exceed SGA (Substantial Gainful Employment) which is $1000 gross a month. If you exceed this amount for a period of time your Social Security Claim will be dismissed based on the fact that you are exceeding SGA or you can end up owing Social Security for the months that you have been overpaid.

With Social Security there is no Partial Disability. Being able to work part-time does not mean that you are not disabled; because Social Security looks at work as can you work on a full-time continuous basis. The ability to be able to only work a part-time job does benefit a lot of these Claimants who can still earn some extra money while collecting their benefits.

If you have any questions about applying or appealing for Social Security Disability Benefits, please do not hesitate to contact Attorney Lyle B. Masnikoff at 1-877-817-4127.

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