What Happens after I receive my first Social Security Disability Denial letter

Everyone dreads receiving their first denial letter for benefits after months of answering questions and providing information to the Social Security Administration. Once you receive the denial letter you have 60 days (plus an additional 5 days for mailing purposes) to appeal and move to the next level which is called Reconsideration.  At Reconsideration you […]

Florida Senate Passes Bill to Repeal PIP; House Next to Consider Bill

Florida Senate Passes Bill to Repeal PIP; House Next to Consider Bill

On Wednesday, April 14, 2021, the Florida Senate passed Senate Bill 54 (SB 54). If passed by the House, the bill would take effect beginning January 1, 2022. SB 54 would repeal the $10,000 in mandatory PIP coverage. It would replace it with $5,000 in medical payments coverage. In addition, the bill would require mandatory […]

Missed Wages and Misconduct

Missed Wages and Misconduct Under Workers Compensation Law Florida

Under Florida Workers’ Compensation laws, an injured employee is essentially entitled to two types of benefits. Medical benefits at no costs to the injured worker and indemnity, or missed wage, benefits. Indemnity is further broken down into two classifications. Temporary Total Disability, or TTD, where an authorized physician has the injured worker on a “no […]

Social Security Scams

Social Security Scams | Workers Compensation Lawyer West Palm Beach

There are many scams that are going around with people impersonating employees of the Social Security Administration. Please be advised that Social Security employees will never call and threaten that your benefits will be suspended if you don’t pay a fine, they will not threaten you with jail time for not paying a fine, ask […]

Is there Partial Social Security Disability?

Our firm sometimes gets calls relating to Partial Disability Claims.  Sometimes a Claimant may feel they are eligible for this because they are no longer able to perform a previous job, are now working at a much-reduced rate of pay, or will be out of work for a few months due to their medical conditions.  […]

What Does a Medical Provider Do When They Bill the Wrong Insurer?

Pip Insurers Have A Duty To Pre-authorize Treatment

One of the most common issues that medical providers run into is billing the wrong PIP insurer.  Many times, the patient will give the medical provider the wrong information on who their proper PIP insurer is.  This can have a profound effect on the bottom line of a small business.  If a medical provider bills […]

Are COVID-19 Tests Reimbursable Under PIP?

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the everyday lives of many people have changed.  The legal world is no different.  While people grasp with new ways of doing things, the legal world is having a whole host of new issues that come up. One question we have been getting frequently is whether COVID-19 tests are reimbursable under PIP.  […]

Has the Social Security Judge Denied Your Claim

If a person receives an Unfavorable decision letter after their hearing before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), they can appeal their case to the Appeals Council. You are given 60 days to appeal your case and the Appeals Council will decide if the Judge erred and if the decision was made according to the law. […]

Returning to Work During a Pandemic

Effects of Coronavirus on Social Security Disability Cases

After being out of the workplace due to businesses closing, furloughs, caring for children whose schools were shuttered, caring for loved ones, or due to working remotely, many Floridians have now returned to the office and are back to work in a traditional sense (although whether or not there is anything traditional during this very […]

Material Misrepresentation without the Misrepresentation

Material Misrepresentation without the Misrepresentation

Some low-budget insurers target segments of South Florida’s population where English is a second language. The scam by insurance companies works as follows: First, the individual goes to an insurance agency to obtain PIP insurance for their automobile. The insured pays their premium and believe they have automobile insurance to cover their medical expenses if they […]