Fired for Workers Compensation Claim

Fired For Workers Compensation Claim

Illegal to be Fired for filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim It is against the law to fire or retailiate against someone because they filed a workers compensation claim. The law regarding unlawful discharge in workers’ compensation cases is clear. Florida Statute § 440.205 states: “No employer shall discharge, threaten to discharge, intimidate, or coerce any […]

Veterans Day November 11, 2014

Veterans Day November 11, 2014

This is a day we hold the sacrifice and efforts of our veterans in our hearts and minds.  Please join us in saying Thank You.

Worker’s Compensation In West Palm Beach

Worker’s compensation is an item where many people need assistance or an advocate. You may not notice what is going on with your case before it is too late, but you can still have an advocate or attorney step in for you. When the attorney takes over your case, they are going to follow procedure […]

Florida Workers’ Compensation Law Weakened

Florida Workers’ Compensation Law Weakened

“Think the 2003 changes to the Florida Workers’ Compensation law helped injured The main impetus behind the 2003 Workers’ Compensation law was to reduce fraudulent claims and employer premiums. While employer premiums in the aggregate have deceased since 2003 there has been a trend back upward since 2011. It may be argued that the change […]

The Florida Workers’ Compensation Convention

The Florida Workers’ Compensation Convention

The Florida Workers’ Compensation Convention is an annual event held in Orlando, Florida. This year’s convention took place from August 17 – ­August 20 at the Orlando World Center Marriot. It was the 69th Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference and 26 Annual Safety and Health Conference. The convention gathers different parties that are involved in a workers’ compensation case including […]

Social Media: Its Not Just Your Friends Looking at You

Social Media: Its Not Just Your Friends Looking At You

In today’s mass media world we are able to share information, pictures, status updates, etc… at the drop of a hat. Social Media has given us the tools to be more connected to loved ones that may not be in the same city, county, state, or even country. It is a great tool and avenue […]

What You Need For Social Security Disability Claims

Social security is there to help those who have been hurt or become disabled and who are no longer able to work. But no matter where you live, Miami, Orlando, or Palm Beach, you need to do some work in order to file your social security claim. Paperwork for Social Security Disability Claims When you […]

Florida Supreme Court Agrees to Decide Two High Profile Workers’ Compensation Cases

Florida Supreme Court Agrees To Decide Two High Profile Workers' Compensation Cases

In March, 2014, the Florida Supreme Court decided to hear two high profile workers’ compensation cases. The future of the workers’ compensation law could change drastically based on these two cases. In the BRADLEY WESTPHAL vs. CITY OF ST. PETERSBURG, ETC., ET AL case, the Florida Supreme Court set Oral Arguments on June 5, 2014. […]

Can I have a Workers Comp and Personal Injury Case at the Same Time?

At the Law Offices of Lyle B. Masnikoff and Associates, P.A., we represent many clients who have multiple claims and/or lawsuits at the same time.  It is very common for a worker to be involved in a motor vehicle accident while working.  We represent many police officers, nurses, air conditioning technicians, locksmiths, phone company employees, as […]

Can I get Social Security Disability if I am only Partially Disabled?

Our firm sometimes gets calls relating to Partial Disability Claims. Sometimes a Claimant may feel they are eligible for this because they are no longer able to perform a previous job or are now working at a much reduced rate of pay. VA (Veterans Administration) and Workers Compensation claims have a doctor give a PIR […]