Social Security Overpayments

Social Security Overpayments | Lyle B. Masnikoff, P.A

Social Security makes Mistakes too Unfortunately overpayments are a pretty common occurrence that may or may not be at any fault of your own. An overpayment occurs when Social Security pays you more then they should have paid. This can happen due to changes in your living arrangements, no longer being disabled, beginning to work, […]

Social Security Changes that Benefit Veterans

Many people only discuss the negative changes associated with the Social Security Administration but Carolyn Colvin the Acting Commissioner is attempting to make some changes that will benefit many. A new initiative revealed is to expedite claims for Veterans who are receiving compensation rating of 100% permanent and total disability. This means individuals who meet these qualifications will be […]

Will SS benefits be affected by a Government shutdown

Will SS Benefits Be Affected By A Government Shutdown

Many Social Security recipients are wondering what will happen if the government shuts down. Many are wondering if they will still receive their checks and if they will be on time. Fortunately, Social Security checks should not be delayed in a government shutdown but new and ongoing applications will probably be delayed. The money that funds Social Security […]

Proving Pain to the SSA

Proving Pain To The SSA | Lyle B. Masnikoff, P.A

Many clients who are suffering from physical conditions are also suffering from pain. Although, it may be difficult to describe your pain, The Social Security Administration   (SSA) will try their best to get a description of your pain through form M44P, a Pain Questionnaire. A Pain questionnaire is needed as each person suffering from pain may be experiencing […]


In order to prepare for your disability case, your attorney will ask you some detailed questions about your medical condition and limitations. This is because he needs a lot of medical proof to support your allegation. In order to support your case, the most important evidence you need is the report prepared by your doctor(s) […]


How Social Security Assesses Your Credibility?

An important factor to decide upon while you file a claim for Social Security disability is your credibility which becomes hard to assess when the reason for filing the claim is that you are suffering from pain or a mental illness that prevents you from doing the job. As the condition cannot be evident through […]

Why is it necessary to hire a long term disability attorney?

Why Is It Necessary To Hire A Long Term Disability Attorney?

If you have files for an LTD claim that has been refused, it is in your best interest to hire an LTD attorney. Unlike Federal Government LTD companies have a vested interest in these claims. This is because they have an effect on the financial health of these companies. The more LTD claims they settle, […]

Can your employer fire you while you are on a disability leave?

Now that you have suffered an on job injury which prevents you from working so you have taken a leave from work, does by any chance your employer can fire you while you are not at work? The answer to the question is not as straight forward as the question itself. It depends on the […]

Credibility in SSD Claims

Credibility In SSD Claims | Lyle B. Masnikoff, P.A

What many people are unaware of is that when you are applying for disability benefits, it is your burden to prove that you are indeed disabled. One factor that may help grant or prevent you from receiving disability benefits in your credibility. Being credible to SSA basically means that your allegations are believable. Many physical […]

Can you get SSD benefits when there is substance abuse involved?

Can You Get SSD Benefits When There Is Substance Abuse Involved?

In certain situations the Social Security Administration will approve or deny a claim where there is substance abuse involved. The first thing Social Security will determine is if the substance abuse is a contributing factor to the disability. Essentially, this means that they will determine if the substance abuse makes the alleged conditions worse, or […]