Can I Still Receive My Medical Benefits if I No Longer Work for My Employer?

Can I Still Receive My Medical Benefits if I No Longer Work for My Employer?

Can I Still Receive My Benefits? The short answer to the above question is yes.  An injured worker is entitled to benefits regardless of whether or not she is still working for the employer.  With some caveats.  If an employee is injured on the job, files a claim, and the insurance carrier starts providing medical […]

The State of Workers Compensation in Florida

The State Of Workers Compensation In Florida

The Florida legislative session began on March 7 th and is currently scheduled to run until May 5, 2017. Workers’ Compensation insurance rates were recently increased so along with many other “hot button” topics, the future of the Workers’ Compensation system in Florida is being hotly debated. If fact, one proposal of changes to the […]

My Boss Said I Shouldn’t Report My Injury

My Boss Said I Shouldn't Report My Injury

You may run across this in different lines of work. You become injured on the job and your boss asks you not to report your injury. Whether you have insurance or not, this is an unethical, probably illegal act and you should not cave to their suggestion. It would even be wise to hire an […]

What Are the 5 Most Common Work Injuries

What Are The Five Most Common Work Injuries

No matter your line of work, there are some common work injuries that you may see across the board. Lifting, falling, auto or machinery accidents and repetitive motions can all result in injuries in your workplace and you should be on the lookout for them. Musculoskeletal Injuries These injuries come from a lot of the […]

Will My Workers Compensation Benefits Continue if I Leave My Employer?

Will My Workers Compensation Benefits Continue If I Leave My Employer?

Injured workers are often worried about being able to receive benefits after they leave the job. In the ever changing business landscape, companies and employees are often changing ownership, jobs, locations, etc… You may have been fired, you may have quit, you may have had to relocate due to some personal reason, or your company […]


Can I Get Damages For My Pain And Suffering Through Workers Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is a system designed to compensate workers injured on the job without regard to fault. Essentially, there are two types of benefits an injured worker may receive under workers’ compensation: 1) partial wage replacement, and 2) necessary medical treatment. Workers’ compensation law differs drastically from other types of civil liability in that the […]

Do I Really Have to Go Back to Work?

Do I Really Have To Go Back To Work?

Once the workers’ comp doctor finds that your injuries are related to your accident at work, there a couple “work duty statuses” that he may place you on. He may put you on “no work” which entitles you to wage benefits or he may place you on “light” or “sedentary” duty which could entitle you […]


Deceased Dependents And Workers Compensation

    Death is always an uncomfortable subject to discuss. When a loved one passes away due an accident or injury, it is essential for the deceased’s loved ones to be accounted for. Workers’ Compensation Law in Florida covers all dependents that lose a loved one in connection with a Workers’ Compensation accident. The statutory […]

Workers Compensation and Illegal Aliens

Workers Compensation And Illegal Aliens

Florida Statutes Section 440.12(11)(a) defines employee to include “aliens not legally entitled to be employed.” It follows that lost wages and medical care will be furnished to an injured worker despite an injured workers inability to maintain residency or citizenship in the United States. If an employer knew or should have known the true “status” […]


Medical Care And The Importance Of Documentation:the Reporting Rule

When an injury occurs at work, the two most overlooked aspects of the process are requesting medical care and documenting the accident. Most injured workers will ask for the day off to recover from their traumatizing injuries. Some are in such shock that their first inclination is to go home and attempt to mitigate the injuries. […]