“Tis the Season”

With the temperatures up north dropping to blistering cold quickly, and the temperatures in Florida dropping to the beautiful highs of mid 70’s and lows of mid 60’s, you may have noticed those out of state tags on cars carrying or seasonal visitors from the north, otherwise lovingly referred to as snow birds, arriving on […]

Worker’s Compensation In West Palm Beach

Worker's Compensation In West Palm Beach

Worker’s compensation is an item where many people need assistance or an advocate. You may not notice what is going on with your case before it is too late, but you can still have an advocate or attorney step in for you. When the attorney takes over your case, they are going to follow procedure […]

“Extra Protection Coming to Those Who Protect Us”

Extra Protection Coming to Those Who Protect Us

First responders are often put in situations that the rest of us could not even imagine. Day in and day out the brave men and women in the ranks of Florida’s Fire Departments and law enforcement agencies knowingly and willfully go into extremely volatile situations in order to protect, to serve, and to save. At […]

Am I entitled to benefits if I Violate a Safety Rule?

Am I Entitled To Benefits If I Violate A Safety Rule?

Are you  entitled to benefits if you violate a safety rule? The short answer is yes. It is extremely important that we adhere to our company’s safety regulations and rules while we are at the workplace. These regulations are in place to protect ourselves and our co-workers. At times, however, we may be extremely busy, under […]

Here’s to 2016 and the year ahead in Florida Workers’ Compensation

Here’s to 2016 and the year ahead in Florida Workers’ Compensation

To say a lot has happened in workers compensation in Florida over the course of 2016 is an understatement. 2016 was the year of Miles, Westhphal, and Castellanos. Some say it the year the playing field was somewhat leveled back out for injured workers. Others say it is the “golden age of comp.” 2016 was […]

Workers Compensation Benefits and Issues That Can Be Decided By a Judge

Workers Compensation Benefits And Issues That Can Be Decided By A Judge

In workers compensation, there are two benefits that an injured worker is entitled to: medical treatment and lost wages. When an employee is injured while in the course and scope of employment, the Employer is required to send the injured worker to a medical provider that is covered by their workers compensation insurance. In many […]

Castellanos and the Leveling of the Playing Field for Injured Workers

Castellanos And The Leveling Of The Playing Field

On Thursday, April 28, 2016, 540 days since oral arguments, the Florida Supreme Court handed down its landmark decision in Castellanos v. Next Door Company. Essentially, this allows Claimant’s attorney’s to collect a “reasonable” fee from the Employer/Carrier when successfully securing benefits. Previously, a Claimant’s attorney fee was based on a percentage of the value of the benefits secured. For example, […]

Your Road to Representation Just Got a Little Easier

Your Road To Representation Just Got A Little Easier

On April 20, 2016, Florida’s First District Court of Appeal published it’s holding in Miles v. City of Edgewater Police. This case dealt with a police officer who was bringing a Workers’ Compensation claim based on injuries sustained due to exposure to various chemicals while pursing active criminal cases. Under the current law in Florida, many view exposure claims […]