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Choosing an insurance agent

Choosing An Insurance Agent | Lyle B. Masnikoff, P.A.

Just as you do not want to get your vehicle repaired by an inexperienced auto mechanic, you will also not prefer buying the workers compensation coverage from an agent who claims to be the “cheapest auto insurance in town”. This is because cost is only one factor while buying the insurance policy. There are a multitude of other factors that you would like to consider.

Selecting the right insurance agent who has the proper knowledge, experience and understanding of the workers compensation process is extremely important. An agent serves as the main link between you and the workers compensation insurance company. He should be able to place your claim with an insurance company that has the knowledge of the business you are in. following things will help you in the process of choosing  the most suitable insurance agent:

  • A direct writing agent is the employee of an insurance company and will only be linked to that particular company thus limiting the choices you could have.
  • An independent agent represents different insurance companies thus expanding the choices you have.
  • An agents’ primary job is to sell insurance, not to spend “selling” time looking for ways to reduce or return premium to your business.
  • Most agents do not have experience or desire to review your payroll audit worksheets or review your experience modification worksheets and make complicated corrections.
  • A lot of agents do not have proper qualification in the complicated rules and regulations as set forth by NCCI or other regulatory bodies.

The attorneys at Lyle B. Masnikoff and Associates have tremendous experience in workers’ compensation law and maintain a high standard of excellence in the representation of injured workers. They are dedicated to assisting the clients fight for their rights and benefits and go to great lengths to solve their problems.


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