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Is it necessary to consult a doctor before applying for Social Security Disability benefits?

If you have not received any medical treatment that justifies your disability before applying for Social Security Disability benefits, it will be hard for you to get the benefits. It gets harder for the Social Security people to know that if you medical condition enables you to get back to work or not if there is n medical evidence of it.

However, it is not possible for some individuals to get the proper medical treatment due to their financial condition. This poses a major issue for those who become disabled and file for the benefits. Unless you have an evidence of receiving medical treatment within the past three months, the disability examiner will have no proof of your disability. This proves to be a big hurdle in the way of getting the disability benefits.

However, there are always exceptions. Even if you have not undergone any kind of medical treatment, you can still be eligible for getting the benefits as social security cannot deny disability benefits. In that case the disability examiner will authorize a consultative exam with the private physician. However, the Social Security exams are brief and are seldom used as a basis of approval of any claim. Disability examiners send applicants to consultative exams because without some sort of medical opinion from a doctor or other approved medical treatment source, disability examiners cannot issue a denial on a claim.

Professionals at Lyle B. Masnikoff and Associates, P.A will fight to get you the medical or wage benefits you are entitled to under the law. Employers and Insurance Companies have professionals working for them and there are no fees or costs until you recover. It‘s time for you to hire us to protect your rights.


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