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“Coronavirus and Workers’ Compensation”

 As more and more businesses are shuttering their doors due to the Coronavirus pandemic, employees and employers are left with many unanswered questions regarding what is going to happen in terms of  what benefits the employees and employers may be entitled to in an effort to stave off the negative financial impact that this will have on everyone’s lives.

Luckily, the Government is working very hard to try to devise and implement stimulus packages that will  help alleviate the burden on business owners, as well as on employees who are out of work due to their job being forced to close or work within very restrictive, buy important, parameters.

The industry that comes to mind is restaurants.  In Florida, restaurants can still stay open but only for take out purposes.  This means that many servers and bar tenders will not be needed, leaving many Floridians out of a job.  On the other hand, some industries seem to be thriving and even hiring temporary employees.  Company’s such as Publix, Walmart, Domino’s, Amazon, etc… have all stated that they are hiring thousands of workers to keep up with the demand.  This could be a huge blessing to those workers who are displaced due to the Coronavirus, as they now have an opportunity for employment, even if temporary, until this pandemic passes.  Which it will.

A lot of workers, and employers, have questions regarding what to do if you come into contact with someone in the workplace and end up testing positive for Coronavirus.  Does workers’ compensation kick in?  The short answer is that it depends.  It depends on what industry you are working in.   If the employee contracts the virus in the course and scope of their employment because their job requires them to be exposed to persons who are infected, then there could be a potential workers compensation claim where the employee is entitled to benefits, such as medical treatment and indemnity, or missed wages.

The most common industry where one would see this are health care workers who, as part of their duties, have no choice but to be exposed to patients who may have Coronavirus.  On the other hand, if you contract the disease from a co-worker, customer, or someone else who just happens to be at your jobsite or place of business, workers’ compensation benefits would most likely not apply.   If you fall into the ladder and contract the disease, we implore you to use your paid time off as well as the Family Medical Leave Act.  With the stimulus that passed last week, you may be entitled to paid sick leave for up to two weeks as well as some economic benefit while on FMLA, which typically is unpaid.Workers Compensation 

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Throughout Mr. Masnikoff’s twenty-year career he has worked tirelessly to ensure that Floridians are provided quick and efficient medical and missed wage benefits under the law so that they are able to return to gainful employment.   If you or a loved one are in the medical industry and have questions regarding what to do if you have contracted Coronavirus through contact with a patient or have temporarily lost your job due to the pandemic, please contact us as we are here to answer any question.  The consultation is always free.  We practice throughout Florida and you can reach any one of our offices at (877)817-4127.  Stay safe, and we will go get through this!


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