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Describing workers’ compensation

The system that is designed to protect the workers who become injured on the job or contract an illness as a result of their job is called workers; compensation or workman’s compensation. This system exists in all states. Under this program, the injured worker instead of suing his employer can file workers’ compensation claim with the insurance company of the employer in order to get the benefits.

Thought he system is designed to help the workers who get injured on the job. Unfortunately sometimes it seems unfair to the sick workers. A worker who plans to file a worker’s compensation claim needs to learn about his state laws in detail and hire an attorney in order to win the case.

The benefits that are normally provided under the workers’ compensation insurance include medical care and payment of a certain percentage of a worker’s wages, in exchange for the employee’s not being able to sue the employer.

To be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, there are two basic requirements:

  • You must be an employee of a company that has (or was supposed to have) workers’ comp insurance.
  • You must have been injured at work or as a result of job-related duties.

Professionals at Lyle B. Masnikoff and Associates, P.A will fight to get you the medical or wage benefits you are entitled to under the law. Employers and Insurance Companies have professionals working for them and there are no fees or costs until you recover. It‘s time for you to hire us to protect your rights.


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