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Does the insurance company get to pick my doctor?

Does the insurance company get to pick my doctor? Florida

The workers’ compensation law in the State of Florida has changed many times over the years.  The biggest law changes came in 1990, 1994, 2003, and 2009.  During those law changes, the insurance companies gained more control over who gets to select the injured workers’ doctors.  It used to be that the injured worker got to select the treating physician and the insurance company would then pay the bills.

Then the law allowed insurance companies to set up managed care arrangements.  This allowed injured workers to select their physician from a list of doctors on the managed care list.  The law changed again and allowed insurance companies to opt out of the use of the managed care arrangements.  Some insurance companies then offered a list of three physicians to select from.  Other insurance companies just selected the doctors for the injured worker.

As the law stand right now, some insurance companies still use a managed care plan.  Depending on how the managed care plan is writen, injured workers could be allowed to select their initial treating phsycian, their change of physician, a second opinion, and an Independent Medical Examiner.  Other insurance companies do not use a managed care plan and can select the treating physicians for the injured workers as long as they do so timely under the law.  If they do not select the doctor timely, then the injured worker gets to select the treating physician.

If you are an injured worker, it is extremely important that you receive excellent medical treatment so you can recover from your injuries.  Unfortunately, most insurance companies are not trying to provide the best medical treatment, they are trying to provide the cheapest medical treatment.  Therefore, insurance companies frequently send injured workers to clinics or physicians who they know will immediately release the injured workers back to work and provide very limited medical treatment.  It is very common for injured workers to see one physician who says there is nothing wrong with them or they do not need any further treatment, and then that same person sees a new physician who recommends additional treatment including physical therapy, medications, injections, and surgery.

At the Law Office of Lyle B. Masnikoff and Associates, P.A., we are very familiar with how to get our clients to the best possible physicians.  We know which insurance companies still use a managed care list and if they don’t how to get you a better doctor, we know when and if an injured worker is allowed to select the treating phsycian, and we know which doctors will actually try to help our clients recover from their injuries.

If you have questions about whether you can pick your treating physician or whether you are treating with a good doctor, please do not hesitate to contact Attorney Lyle B. Masnikoff at 1-561-598-7120.


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