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Employment claims have deadlines… Don’t miss them

Strict deadlines are imposed by employment law to bring the employment claim before an employment tribunal. Any appeals to prolong the time limit are mostly rejected. Due to these strict time restrictions, the employees with such claims are advised to seek advice from an expert employment solicitor as soon as they become ware of the claim.

Employment claims usually arise due to the breach of the employment contract by the employer, or breach of their statuary obligation towards the employee. This kind of a breach needs to be brought before the employment tribunal within three months of the termination date.

In addition to that, the breach of an employment contract can also be brought forward in a civil court. The court will only grant the benefits if the employee is able to prove that he has suffered a loss due to the breach of the contract. The employment law protects the rights of the employees. If an employer engages in unfair practices against the employee, the employment law defends the rights of the employee. For example, if an employer fires the employee without any reason or without following the process mentioned in the employment contract, the employee can take the case to the employment court. The claim must be brought with in three months of unfair termination.

Other than the breach of the employment contract, holiday pay claims, discrimination claims, unlawful deduction of wages etc should be brought within three months of the happening.  However certain employment claims have a longer limitation of six months.

The attorneys at Lyle B. Masnikoff and Associates have tremendous experience in workers’ compensation law and maintain a high standard of excellence in the representation of injured workers. They are dedicated to assisting the clients fight for their rights and benefits and go to great lengths to solve their problems.


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