How Long Do I have to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits? 0 Comments

How Long Do I have to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Many people wait years before filing for a Social Security Disability claim and then they end up with a date last insured issue.  Many people are also unaware that once you stop working after a period of time (normally up to 5 years) that you lose you Social Security disability insurance.  Meaning, after all the years you have worked and all the money you have put in the system, you may never be eligible to receive it after you lose you insurance for disability.  If you are no longer eligible for Social Security Disability, your only other option would be SSI (Supplemental Security Income.)  For SSI you must meet both the disability aspect of the claim but you also must meet a low income level.  People waiting too long to file for disability may be prevented from receiving any income from the Social Security Administration until they reach retirement age.

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