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Are mental or psychiatric disorders covered under workers compensation?

Sometimes mental or psychiatric disorders can be covered under workers compensation if you can prove that the condition is caused by any work related activity or stress. Generally, it must be shown that the mental condition was the result of abnormal work conditions.

Normally the claims related to workplace stress are very difficult to win. One reason is that it is very difficult to find a workers compensation lawyer to take your case. This is because the lawyer will get paid only if you win the case and the chances of winning are very thin. The lawyer will receive his share of payment through the amount you will get under permanent disability benefits. What you can hope for in most cases is for is to get compensated for your medical expenses and some temporary disability benefits to replace your wages while you take some time off work.

You would stand a better chance for getting compensated if you mental or psychiatric illness is tied to a physical accident or an illness caused at work. For example, job-related stress or tension may contribute to a heart attack. Another example might be a worker who suffers a traumatic physical injury and later develops anxiety disorder or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) as a result.

In case you have a severe mental impairment that prevents you from going back to work, the best you can do is to file for Social Security disability based on your mental condition.

Professionals at Lyle B. Masnikoff and Associates, P.A will fight to get you the medical or wage benefits you are entitled to under the law. Employers and Insurance Companies have professionals working for them and there are no fees or costs until you recover. It‘s time for you to hire us to protect your rights.


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