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In order to prepare for your disability case, your attorney will ask you some detailed questions about your medical condition and limitations. This is because he needs a lot of medical proof to support your allegation.

In order to support your case, the most important evidence you need is the report prepared by your doctor(s) about your disability. You will be required to give the contact information of your treating doctor to the lawyer who in turn will ask the doctor to prepare and submit a report of your diagnosis, prognosis, and functional limitations in an RFC (residual functional capacity) statement.

To win the case you should help your attorney with preparing for it by  providing him the complete medical evidence including the names and contact information of your treating doctors, dates and locations of any medical tests, the dates and locations of any hospitalizations, and a complete medication list, including the dosage, prescribing doctor’s names, and any documented side effects.

If you haven’t seen a doctor regularly, your attorney may be able to develop medical evidence using consultative exams and testimony from you and a medical expert.

Professionals at Lyle B. Masnikoff and Associates, P.A will fight to get you the medical or wage benefits you are entitled to under the law. Employers and Insurance Companies have professionals working for them and there are no fees or costs until you recover. It‘s time for you to hire us to protect your rights.


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