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My Boss Said I Shouldn’t Report My Injury

My Boss Said I Shouldn't Report My Injury

You may run across this in different lines of work. You become injured on the job and your boss asks you not to report your injury. Whether you have insurance or not, this is an unethical, probably illegal act and you should not cave to their suggestion. It would even be wise to hire an attorney.

Don’t Make Any Agreements

Some employers may not have appropriate workers comp insurance, or may be worried about increased rates, settlements, etc. and may try to encourage you to sign a statement agreeing not to file a claim, or to say that the injury happened off of work grounds. Despite a desire to remain non-confrontational, do not give it to such requests. They are illegal and your boss likely has something to lose – but so do you!

File A Report and Claim

Request an accident report from your employer as soon as the injury occurs. You can then choose to file an insurance claim if you will need medical attention/benefits for the injury. Most states have a time frame this must be done in, so don’t hesitate if you need to seek medical attention. You can also file this claim with your doctor as you seek medical treatment.

Your Boss’s Responsibilities

Your employer should send your claim to their workers comp insurance company within a certain timeframe. The insurer will contact you to let you know if your claim has been denied or approved. If your employer fails to do this, regardless of their reasoning, contacting an attorney will be your next step to insure that you are represented to receive the benefits you are entitled to despite your employer’s actions.

If you feel as though your employer is not being honest about your rights, has not filed your claim, or is urging you to keep quiet, please contact us so that we can inform you of rights and possible benefits and represent you in your claim.


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