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Proving Pain to the SSA

Many clients who are suffering from physical conditions are also suffering from pain. Although, it may be difficult to describe your pain, The Social Security Administration   (SSA) will try their best to get a description of your pain through form M44P, a Pain Questionnaire. A Pain questionnaire is needed as each person suffering from pain may be experiencing the pain differently. The pain questionnaire is asking how pain limits the individual and how often they are experiencing the pain. This form will also ask about any medications they are taking and any side effects the medication is causing. Side effects from medications can also help you show how else your client is limited.

Although you can not get disability for pain alone, your symptoms will be highly considered. The Social Security Administration (SSA) must be shown that your client have a severe physical impairment causing their pain symptoms that are proven by medical evidence such as lab tests or X-Rays. It must be shown that their physical conditions could be reasonably expected to cause their pain symptoms. The main issue in pain allegations is credibility.

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