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Social Security Disability Grid Rules

If a person has a severe impairment, does not meet or equal a disability listing, and is unable to return to any work they performed in the past 15 years, the Grid Rules come into play to determine if they are disabled.  The Grid Rules are basically a series of charts that are set up based on the exertional level of work that SSA believes a person is capable of functioning at, their highest level of education, their age and past work.   

The charts range from sedentary to very heavy work.  Using the Grid Rules a person with physical impairments who is at advanced age, 55 plus, has a much higher chance of being considered disabled then someone aged 18-49 who is considered a younger individual.  Anyone 49 and younger who can speak English is generally considered not disabled under the Grid Rules.  If a person has both  physical and mental impairments, SSA will first determine if they are considered disabled based on the physical conditions per the Grid Rules.

If there is a finding of not disabled based on the physical, exertional limitations, the mental non-exertional limitations are considered to determine how they would further affect your ability to perform work.  Non-exertional limitations include difficulty with concentration and memory and normally come from conditions such as Bipolar Disorder and Depression.  Exertional limitations include ability to walk, sit, bend and stoop and can be caused by back or joint problem.

Keep in mind, the Grid Rules is only one way to qualify for benefits, but age plays a huge role in the results when applying the grid rules to determine disability.
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