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Social security disability benefits

Social Security Disability Benefits | Lyle B. Masnikoff, P.A

The fact that you have a severe mental or physical disability that prevent s you from working no matter how old you are may entitle you to social security benefits.  You can apply for one of these benefit programs:

  • Social security disability insurance: people who have already worked for a certain number of years and have become disabled due to certain reason are eligible to these benefits.
  • Supplemental security income: it is available to old and disabled persons whose income and assets are very low.

The common benefits granted by both programs are cash and medical coverage. Other benefits depend upon which program you qualify for.  However the most crucial part of getting disability compensation is that one should be severely disabled and the disability should be preventing him from working and is going to last for more than a year or even cause death. The point whether someone is disabled or not leaves a lot of room for argument.

The fact that your doctor has advised you not to work or you feel extremely ill while you work does not prove to be of sufficient good to get you the benefits. The SSA has its own medical experts to evaluate your disability and it’s a tedious process. However, even if you are denied the benefits by SSA on the grounds that you are not disabled, you still have a chance of winning on appeal by appearing in front of the court with more evidence on your disability.

The attorneys at Lyle B. Masnikoff and Associates have tremendous experience in workers’ compensation law and maintain a high standard of excellence in the representation of injured workers. They are dedicated to assisting the clients fight for their rights and benefits and go to great lengths to solve their problems.


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