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Social Security Overpayments

Social Security Overpayments | Lyle B. Masnikoff, P.A

Social Security makes Mistakes too

Unfortunately overpayments are a pretty common occurrence that may or may not be at any fault of your own. An overpayment occurs when Social Security pays you more then they should have paid. This can happen due to changes in your living arrangements, no longer being disabled, beginning to work, receiving a settlement in a lawsuit, providing Social Security with insufficient information or changes in your marital status.

A Social Security Attorney can help you Appeal

Once Social Security notices the error, they will send you a notice explaining why you have been overpaid, your repayment options, and your appeal and waiver rights. If you do not believe you have been overpaid or you disagree with the amount of you can file an appeal. If the overpayment was accurate but you feel you should not have to re pay the money then you can file a waiver. The waiver must prove that the overpayment was not your fault and that paying back the overpayment would cause financial hardship or be unfair. If you file an appeal or waiver, Social Security will not withhold money until they decide if the appeal or waiver will be granted.

Repay the Social Security or it will Cost you More

Failure to re pay overpayments to Social Security can result in them taking the money from your tax returns, your pay checks, future benefits and even reporting you to the credit agency.


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