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Social Security Scams

Social Security Scams | Workers Comp' Lawyer | West Palm Beach

There are many scams that are going around with people impersonating employees of the Social Security Administration. Please be advised that Social Security employees will never call and threaten that your benefits will be suspended if you don’t pay a fine, they will not threaten you with jail time for not paying a fine, ask for payment in the form of gift cards, nor will they state your social security number has been suspended for non-compliance.

Unfortunately, these are tricks of scammers trying to obtain your information. If you suspect you have received a call from someone impersonating the Social Security Administration, you should hang up and report the call to the Office of Inspector General.

We always advise our clients if something doesn’t seem right, it normally is not. It can take just minutes for someone to steal your information, but it can take years to clean up the mess.

If you need help obtaining Social Security Disability benefits or have Social Security questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 561-598-7120.

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