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Statute of Limitations in PIP cases

Statute Of Limitations In Pip Cases

Statute of Limitations

Did you know that the Statute of Limitations in PIP cases is 5 years?  A PIP case is a breach of contract case.  A breach of contract case has a 5 year statute of limitations.  The PIP law is ever changing, whether it is legal decisions on the application of the fee schedule, application of the deductible, material misrepresentation, or MPPR issues.  It is important to have a PIP attorney review your files for improper denials/reductions.  As the Statute of Limitations in PIP cases is 5 years, we are able to review cases for demand and/or litigation that are up to 5 years old.
If you are interested in having our firm review your PIP files for potential claims, please do not hesitate to contact Attorney Kevin Davies or Attorney Lyle Masnikoff (877) 817-4127 or visit our website.
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