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The Social Security Administration New Rule

The Social Security Administration New Rule

The Social Security Administration has recently enacted a new rule that requires all evidence be submitted 5 days before the court hearing. The new rule is called the Five Day rule.  The rule states that if you do not submit evidence 5 days prior to your court date, the judge does not have to consider the evidence which can be very hurtful for many clients.  There are however exceptions to the rule:


  • The Social Security Administration misled you;
  • You had a physical, mental, educational, or linguistic limitation(s) that prevented you from informing Social Security about submitting the evidence;
  • Some other unusual, unexpected, or unfavourable circumstance beyond your control prevented you from informing Social Security about submitting the evidence earlier.

It is more important now than ever to keep your file up to date so that you do not have to worry about the Judge not accepting late medical evidence.

Social Security Disability Attorney in Florida

Throughout Mr. Masnikoff’s career, he has represented numerous injured workers who have had to leave their employment for one reason or another and have had their indemnity benefits cut off.  If you or a loved believe that your missed wage benefits have been unjustly terminated, or are receiving benefits and thinking about leaving your employment but have questions regarding your ongoing benefits, we would love to discuss your case and explain all of your options to make sure that you receive everything that you are entitled to.  Please give us a call at (877) 817-4127 or visit our website.

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