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What is the time frame for filing a workers’ compensation claim?

The workers’ compensation law requires the workers to file a claim with in a certain time limit. Every state has its own statute of limitation that is the time frame in which a workers’ compensation claim can be filled for obtaining the benefits. In some states, the time frame depends on the type of injury. It is however always safe to file the claim within one year of suffering from an injury.

A part from filing the workers’ compensation claim with the insurance company, there is one more deadline involved and that is notifying your employer. It is better to notify the employer within 30 to 45 days of being injured. If not, your right to file a workers’ compensation claim may be lost. The employer can be notified formally by sending a written note or letter telling about your injury or informally by mentioning to him. It is best to have a written documented proof of your notification for the processing of your claim.

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