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Top reasons to use Masnikoff and Associates to handle your PIP suits

Top reasons for using our firm to handle your PIP suits

1) Our firm does not take any percentage of the PIP benefits from the medical providers. Our fees and costs are only paid by the Insurance Companies, not our clients. Some firms get paid by the Insurance Companies and also charge the medical provider a percentage of the PIP benefits secured.

2) Since we do not handle any personal injury cases, our only concern if collecting every penny of PIP benefits for the medical providers. Our client is the medical provider not the patient. We do not have any conflicts of interest by representing the patient who wants the doctor to take less so he can keep more of the settlement proceeds. Referring attorneys also don’t have to worry about us stealing your best medical providers. Attorneys may also be eligible for a referral fee on every PIP case we receive from your provider.

3) Our attorneys are accessible to our clients. We are not a “mill.” If you need to speak to an attorney, we will be available for you. If we are in court or at a deposition, we guarantee that we will get back with you within 24 hours.

4) Prior to working for the medical providers, we have experience defending insurance companies. We are familiar with the strategies and tactics that the insurance companies use to deny the payment of legitimate claims.

For a quick cheatsheet about the new PIP law, please print out the handout located at:

https://workerscompfl.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/PIP-LAW-1.pdf  or Click Here



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