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Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

Why Should I Hire an Attorney

Some people ask all the time, why should I hire an attorney for my workers compensation claim. And there are many reasons to hire an attorney and I can cover some of them in this video, but probably I don’t have enough time to cover all the reasons. From the very beginning of the case, once you have an accident, the insurance company and the employer are sending out adjusters or field adjusters someone to come talk to you, or get you on the phone and take a recorded statement from you. And they want to get this really fast because they want to get it before you have an attorney. The reason they want to do it before you have an attorney is because if you had an attorney, we wouldn’t have you do a recorded statement, because later on in the case, they’re going to have an attorney and they’re going to take your deposition. And there’s no reason for you to sit through a deposition and a recorded statement. And so we don’t have our clients sit through a recorded statement. However, many times people have accidents, and they don’t have an attorney right away. And they do do go ahead and give a recorded statement. And we get a copy of it by law, we’re entitled to all the evidence that they have, we get a copy of it makes sure that we know what you said in that recorded statement. Some other reasons why you want to have an attorney is when you don’t have an attorney, there’s no timeframe for the employer or the insurance company to provide the benefits, they don’t have any timeframe that they have to send you a check, they don’t have a timeframe to have to set you up with a doctor or give you an MRI or give you surgery. But when you have an attorney, we file a claim with the court. It’s called a petition for benefits. And we petition the court to give you whatever benefits will your we’re requesting could be lost wages could be surgery, MRI, physical therapy, whatever it is that you’re waiting on. And when we file that claim, now for the first time, the employer and the insurance company have to do something and respond to that within a certain amount of time. And so in order to speed up the process, many times people get attorney so that the claims can get filed. Now the insurance company’s got to do what they’re supposed to do within a certain amount of time. If they don’t do what they’re supposed to do. And the attorney has filed a claim with the court, then the state of Florida will set up a mediation. And if we can’t resolve the issues at the mediation, then we will get a hearing in front of the judge. So without an attorney, none of that happens. And so what happens most of the time is these people sit around waiting to get the benefits and adjuster and the employer say yeah, yeah, it’s common. It’s common, or I’ll send it in the mail or yeah, we’ll have you up with a set you up with a doctor real soon. And it never happens and you keep waiting and waiting and waiting. So if you want to speed up the process, you want to make sure that you’re going to get what you’re supposed to get, then hire an attorney. Again, it’s no cost to you to have to speak with us. There’s no cost to you to hire an attorney. There’s really no reason not to get free legal advice.


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