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Worker’s Comp Attorney West Palm Beach


Workers Compensation Lawyer

Most of us are aware that, if we are hurt on the job, there is a good chance we can qualify for compensation. However, what they often don’t think about is that employers usually have legal counsel, and they will do what they can to minimize their responsibilities. If you have been injured on the job, we have a workers comp attorney West Palm Beach to hear your case.

Full Compensation You Deserve

Workman’s compensation is not something that is automatically granted. Employers and insurance providers alike will implement cost-cutting tactics. If you do not have extensive knowledge into the intricacies of the law in regards to your rights, it can be difficult to protect them. The staff here at the Law Offices of Lyle B. Masnikoff and Associates, P.A have the experience necessary to present a strong case on your behalf and help you counter some of the creative techniques insurance companies pull out of their sleeves. Best of all, we investigate your unique situation to ensure you get what you deserve, not just through worker’s compensation, but also from through third party claims.

Sorting Out the Legalities For You

When filing a worker’s compensation claim, there is a protocol that must be followed. You have a limited time in which to report the incident and another deadline for filing the claim. Not to mention, there will be dozens of forms to read, understand, and sign. Having been recently injured, you have a lot on your plate. If you are hospitalized or otherwise recuperating, having to deal with these legalities is not likely something you are in the state-of-mind to do. Our staff is here for you. We have a broad knowledge in worker’s compensation terminology and jargon, and we can quickly interpret the fine print to ensure you truly understand what is going on throughout the course of your claim.

Helping You Overcome Appeals

While you may feel you are owed compensation, there are times during the legal proceedings where the employer can provide reasons to deny your claim. Whether they blame a preexisting condition, accuse you of fraud, or simply deny the injury occurred, you will want to have strong representation to best ensure you are able to present a solid case. If you have received notice of a denied claim, we encourage you to take immediate action as you have limited time in which to schedule a hearing. Our staff understands the ploys used by insurance companies, and we have a workers comp attorney West Palm Beach with the experience necessary to understand your unique situation and match it with the proper litigation. Pick up the phone and schedule an appointment today.


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