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Workers compensation and employees who practice telecommuting

Workers Compensation And Employees Who Practice Telecommuting

Since 1980s telecommuting has been on a rise. It started as a part of environmental movement and spread gradually. Telecommuting involves employees working away from the office of their employers for at least one o two days a week. Often the employees who telecommute do so from their home. These employees work as part time. They work at home on some days and go to office at others.

In response to the rise in telecommuting, National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) has divided the telecommuting employees in two categories:

  • Clerical Telecommuter Employees
  • Telecommuting Drafting Employees

In the beginning the employers feared that employees telecommuting on their payroll will take advantage of the workers compensation insurance. However, these fears have proven to be groundless as most f the telecommuting employees do not consider filling out a worker’s compensation claim.  There is a lack of case law based on claims by telecommuters for the following reasons;

  • The claims by both clerical and drafting employees are less costly and fewer as compared to other employees.
  • Telecommuting employees are long term and white collar employees who are less likely to file these claims.
  • All the cases that have come on the surface have been decided on the basis of the facts of the individual claims not on points of law.


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