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Workplace safety is the job of both employer and employee

Workplace Safety Is The Job Of Both Employer And Employee

Workplace accidents are a fact and they are prone to occur ranging from minor ones to really severe ones.  However, many accidents that take place can be avoided with a little care and consideration from both employer and employees. It is the job of everyone to keep the workplace safe.

Workplace injuries are not without costs. For an employee, these costs include the physical injury, recovery period, lost wages and re-entry into the workplace after recovery. However for an employer, the costs are in monetary terms as well as workers compensation claims. It also include the lost productivity due the absence of the injured employee and additional hiring and training costs in case a substitute employee is hired on board.

The above mentioned costs for both employee and employer can be avoided by following these simple tips:

  • Proper training: the employer should make sure that the employees working on the site or with any machinery have received proper training. This will reduce the chances of any potential injury.
  • Safety clothing:  Steel toe shoes, or other safety footwear, high visibility vests, hand protection, proper safety eye protection and head protection such as hard hats etc should be worn according to the nature of the work being performed.
  • Ensuring safety at the workplace is every body’s job: employees need to keep their eyes open and beware of their surroundings. Any unusual situation should be reported immediately to the supervisor. On the other hand the employer also needs to ensure safe work environment by creating safety committee’s made up of your on line employees. Perform work place safety inspections and have safety procedures outlined for all employees.
  • Safety guides and rules: Always follow work place safety guides and rules. Through safety guides and rules have been established for different industries by OSHA. Many of the guides have been put in place as a response to corrected unsafe work techniques.

Remember it is the combined job of both employer and employee to ensure safety at the work place. Any signs of unsecure conditions should not be overlooked in any case. Action should be taken to remedy the situation on immediate basis.

The attorneys at Lyle B. Masnikoff and Associates have tremendous experience in workers’ compensation law and maintain a high standard of excellence in the representation of injured workers. They are dedicated to assisting the clients fight for their rights and benefits and go to great lengths to solve their problems.


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