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What Are The Attorneys Fees In a Workers’ Compensation Case?

What Are The Attorneys Fees In a Workers' Compensation Case

One very important question that people always ask is, How do I get paid? Or how do they pay me for my services when representing them for a workers compensation claim. And there are a couple different ways. The first is we don’t charge any money to meet with you or talk to you on the phone or ABA consultations, we have free consultations. Second, we don’t charge any money for you to hire us. We don’t want any money upfront, we’re not sending any bills to request payment for any services. We work purely on a contingency fee, meaning that we only get paid a percentage of the settlement when we when we negotiate a settlement. And we close the case. So many times we don’t get paid a fee for a year or two years, however long it takes for the case to get settled. Most attorneys in Florida have changed their fee structure based on the many law changes over the years. Now, most attorneys will charge a 25% contingency fee, which means that out of your settlement, the only fee that we get paid is 25% of the settlement. That means that the more money that we get our clients, the more money that we get paid. And that gives us an incentive to get our clients as much money as possible. We want to make our clients as much money as possible, so that they’re happy. And they feel like their case that they were compensated for their case. There are other attorneys that charge more than 25%. But we have kept our fees at 25%. There are other attorneys that do charge a percentage of your work of your workers compensation checks. So if we get you workers compensation checks, every two weeks, we don’t charge you any money for that you get to keep the full amount every week or every two weeks that you get your check some attorneys do charge 20% so that you have to give your workers compensation check to that firm, they put it in the bank, they take out 20% And then they give you the remainder. We don’t do that because we want our clients to have as much money in this certain circumstance, which is usually you’re making less money than you were before the accident and you need every single dollar that you can get. So we can try to make sure that our clients get paid every penny that they deserve


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