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Credibility in SSD Claims

What many people are unaware of is that when you are applying for disability benefits, it is your burden to prove that you are indeed disabled. One factor that may help grant or prevent you from receiving disability benefits in your credibility. Being credible to SSA basically means that your allegations are believable. Many physical conditions can cause severe long lasting pain that alone can prevent a person from maintaining gainful employment, but the only person who can actually feel the pain is the person suffering from it.

Maintaining continuous medical treatment is important not only to prove your medical conditions, but also to prove any pain allegations that you maybe alleging. Without continued medical treatment, it is difficult to prove to social security that you are indeed in so much pain, but are making no attempt for treatment or relief.

Do Not Exaggerate

Therefore, it is very important that you do not over exaggerate your pain symptoms. Stating that you are constantly in pain at the highest level will be difficult for SSA to believe and will cause them to look more into what they feel is also not credible. Social Security can also find a person not credible in regards to other allegations such as past relevant work history and what the requirements of their previous jobs were. If they feel that you are not truthful, they can take additional matters such as contacting previous employers for their personnel file and job requirements.

It is always important to be as truthful as you can when applying for disability benefits. Sometimes, the outcome of the claim can depend on it.

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