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Florida Social Security Disability Benefits Qualifications

Florida Social Security Disability Benefits Qualifications

social security disability benefitsOne way to qualify for Florida Social Security Disability benefits is to meet a listing. Meeting a listing means that your condition equals what is needed to prove your disability. Other ways to prove disability are that your functional capacity for work has been so reduced by your physical or mental condition or conditions that you cannot work, and that you meet a “grid” rule. Meeting a listing a is much easier way to qualify for Social Security and increases your chances of being picked up through out the initial and reconsideration portions of your claim. DDS is trained to look for cases that may meet a listing and if indeed they do, your case will be approved.

Social Security Medical Listings

A list of Listings is provided on the Social Security website. If you review the listings, you will see that listing level medical problems are divided into 14 categories. (Some of the categories include musculoskeletal system, digestive system, mental disorders and immune system disorders.) Each of these categories is again broken down into specific descriptions of each medical condition specifically. If your medical condition is equal to the description of a medical condition shown in the listing, then you are disabled per Social Security rules. The listings are also separated under Part A, adults over the age of 18, and Part B, children under the age of 18.

The musculoskeletal system listing would include conditions such as dysfunctions of joints, disorders of spine, and amputations. Digestive system conditions would include conditions such as chronic liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease and liver transplants. Mental disorders would include conditions such as organic disorders, affective disorders and anxiety-related disorders. Immune system disorders would include conditions such as HIV and inflammatory arthritis.

Doctors and Social Security Medical Information

Some doctors many not be aware of what Social Security needs to show that a listing maybe equaled so many cases that do indeed meet a listing may still be denied and pushed through the system awaiting a Administrative Law Judges decision. It is important to have someone who is familiar with the listings so that this can be addressed at your hearing so that you are insured to get the benefits that you deserve.



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