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I Work Part-Time, Am I Covered by Worker’s Comp?

I Work Part-Time, Am I Covered by Workers' Comp? Florida

I Only Work Part Time

If you only work part time, being injured on the job might be your worst nightmare. Needing to take time off for doctor’s appointments and recovery will leave you missing valuable money-earning hours at work. Some people aren’t certain if they are covered by workers’ compensation or if their employers even have it. In Florida, all employees are covered by workers’ comp IF their employers have it available. You will only be available for wage benefits based on your typical work schedule, however.

How Do I Know If My Employer Has Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

You will want to determine if your employer does or does not have worker’s compensation, preferably before you are injured. Florida’s requirements for employers is broken down into a few categories. If you work in an industry other than construction, and your employer has four or more full OR part time employees, they are required to have workers’ compensation coverage by the state. In the construction industry, if your employer has one or more employees (including himself) then they are required to have workers’ compensation coverage as well. Farmers have a little more leeway in the field of workers’ compensation, only being required to have the coverage if they have more than five regular employees or 12+ seasonal employees. Keep in mind, even if your employer is not required to have the coverage, they may still opt to carry it. There will also be posters hanging in a common area of your workplace with a summary of laws and insurance telephone number on it to confirm coverage.

Don’t Hesitate If You Are Injured

Even if you are only a part-time employee, don’t hesitate to file a report if you are injured on the job. You will want to make sure you receive medical care as soon as possible from an employer selected caregiver so that you can return to work in a timely manner. If you have any questions or concerns about workers’ compensation, or if your employer is denying coverage due to the amount of hours you are working, please contact us at the Law Offices of Lyle B. Masnikoff & Associates, P.A. today to let us help you. We have handled thousands of workers’ compensation cases and will help you to the best of our ability.


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