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“Tis the Season” Snowbird Season is Amongst Us

Tis the Season Snowbird Season is Amongst Us

Snowbird Season

At last, that special time of year that us Floridian’s refer to as “Snowbird Season” is upon us.  It is that time of year where many of Florida’s part-time residents from various parts of the country, and world, return to the Sunshine State for their annual winter residency away from the cold and snow of up north for the beautiful weather, beaches, and golf of Florida. 

As much as some Floridian’s lament about the season and congested roadways, Snowbirds are vital to Florida’s economy.   Snowbirds will touch every aspect of Florida’s economy from tourism to real estate to retail, and everything in between.  The simple equation is that the more people, the more goods and services are being bought and used.  This time of year, also means that those businesses realizing additional costumers and revenue will need more employees which is excellent for those Floridians who have been unemployed and looking for work.  A couple of industries where this is most noticeable are retail and food and beverage.

With the influx of seasonal employees across Florida, there will be injuries.  As a seasonal employee, whether part-time or full time, it is important to know what actions need to be taking in the unfortunate event of an accident at work so that you can receive the proper medical and/or missed wage benefits and return to work.  Whether you picked up a job at the restaurant part-time during season, or work year-round, you are entitled to the same benefits.

The most important thing is to make sure that you report the accident to a supervisor right away and that an incident report is completed.  Once this is done, depending on the severity, you may be sent to a hospital or walk-in urgent care.  Once you start receiving treatment, which you will not be billed for, you may be placed on work restrictions or a no-work status.  In either of these instances, you may be entitled to miss wage benefits.  If you are on a no-work status you will receive 66 and 2/3% of your Average Weekly Wage which is determined by averaging your wages for the thirteen weeks prior to the accident.  If you are placed on light duty work restrictions, you will either return to work in a light-duty capacity, or if the employer cannot provide a position within the restrictions, will be placed out of work until such time you can return.  In the above instance, you will receive Temporary Partial Disability benefits which are also a form of missed wage benefits.

Throughout Mr. Masnikoff’s twenty-year career he has worked tirelessly to ensure that Floridians who are injured on the job, receive the proper benefits and receive them timely.   If you or a loved one are starting to work a seasonal job and are injured or just have questions regarding what rights you are entitled to under Florida’s worker’s compensation law, please contact us as we are here to answer any question.  The consultation is free.  We practice throughout Florida and you can reach any one of our offices at (877) 817-4127. 


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