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Governor DeSantis Vetoes PIP Repeal Legislation

Governor DeSantis Vetoes PIP Repeal Legislation in Florida

Earlier this year, both houses of the Florida legislature passed Senate Bill 54 (SB 54) , repealing Florida’s mandatory $10,000 PIP coverage, and instead requiring $25,000 per person mandatory bodily injury coverage.  SB 54 was then sent to the desk of Governor DeSantis for signature.  Rather than signing SB  54, Governor DeSantis exercised his veto power and vetoed the bill.

In a memorandum, Governor DeSantis stated that SB 54 did not “adequately address the current issues facing Florida drivers” and “may have unintended consequences that would negatively impact both the market and consumers.”  It is believed the governor is referencing the increase in insurance premiums, among other foreseen and unforeseen issues that might result from a repeal of PIP.

In addition to consumers, this is excellent news for hospitals, diagnostic facilities, chiropractors, and other medical professionals that rely on PIP coverage for prompt payment of their medical treatment of those injured in automobile accidents.

The Law Office of Lyle B. Masnikoff and Associates, PA has handled thousands of PIP suits on behalf of all different types of medical providers.  Since the PIP law will remain unchanged, we will continue to provide excellent services to our clients, their patients, and their attorneys.  If you are a medical provider and need help getting your PIP bills paid promptly, please do not hesitate to contact us at 561-598-7120.

If you are a Personal Injury attorney and want to refer us to medical providers, we do pay referral fees on those referrals.  We also do not handle personal injury cases so we will not steal your medical providers.  If you would like to speak or arrange a lunch appointment, please call 561-598-7120 and ask for Attorney Lyle Masnikoff or Attorney Kevin Davies.

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